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Ans: Depends on whether you need a warehouse or you have an empty one!

Need of warehouse:

If you need a warehouse, you can simply sign in, using the option on the top right of the page. You can follow the actions of “Select Category->List Space->Enter the area where you require the warehouse. You will be offered all the best options available in the area of your choice attached with the photographs, name of the sites and the total size (given in square feet). Finally, select the properties of your interest and send in a request to us. From there, we will follow through with all the information, which would be necessary to you (we have specially set more than 60 criterions to make the process more thorough).We have designed an efficient mechanism for this selection process and in the end, you can choose the most optimum space or warehouse which would cater to all your prerequisites.

Another mechanism created by our team is to simply post the space and area that are required, with other specifications (if any) and our team would contact you with a list of all the best options available.

Listing a warehouse:

Signup > List Property > Verification > Bam! You are Listed


Ans: We can guarantee you that all the members of our organization would not provide anything less than the true information available in the market. We find it important to mention that our agents have physically verified most the property options being offered. Also, our agents have personally clicked the photographs that are given. You can check these facts with our “Edgistify Agent Verification” option:

“Edgistify Agent verified” - Yes or No is available in front of every warehouse listed on the website


Ans: We enlist all the type of information that can be provided:

Location, Total Area, Height, Flooring type, Racking, Mezzanine Availability, Temp Control, Photographs, Height, Age, Ventilation


Ans: We collect information on more than 60 parameters while listing a warehouse on our website. You can avail this information offline while interacting with our agent after posting a requirement on our website.


Ans: Edgistify’s role begins from the first step: to help you find your ideal warehouse. We manage your contracts and negotiations with the property vendors, on your behalf, to make sure you get the best deal. We remain by your side during the entire term of the contract so as to address each and every problem that may arise. Also, we offer an option of allied services, so as to enhance the entire process, keeping our customers satisfied from start to finish.


Ans: Allied services are those services you may need after you enter into your warehouse like racking, layouting, pelleting, mezzanine structures, Machinery requirement, Freezers, Air conditioning, Warehouse shoes, CCTV, transportation and many more.


Ans: Edgistify has vendors of these allied services listed at competitive prices to make the entire experience of our customers easier, faster and economical.




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