Efficient Storage for Streamlined Operations

Get the edge in logistics with our Best-in-Class Warehousing, Infrastructure and Fulfilment Service to fulfil your D2C, B2C, and B2B orders with seamless efficiency and reliability.

E-commerce Fulfillment

Deliver on Time, Every Time

Scalable e-commerce fulfilment designed as per your business needs. Process a significant number of orders within a short time and deliver in every part of India. Store inventory closest to customers and seamlessly manage your inventory and order fulfilment operations from our fulfilment centres. Manage and gain complete visibility on inbound, storage, QC, packaging and outbound operations.

Flexibility and Scalability
Cost Effectiveness
TAT Accuracy
Proficient Manpower
  • Warehousing

    • On demand warehousing
    • Fully-equipped facilities for e-commerce operations
    • 24x7 CCTV surveillance
  • Inventory Management

    • Stock inventory near your customers
    • Real-time stock visibility and stock-out alerts
    • Shared inventory pool for all channels
  • Order Management

    • Intelligent order routing
    • Omnichannel integrated fulfilment
    • Seamless Integration with top couriers, ERPs, CRM and accounting tools
  • Order Picking and Packing

    • Trained and equipped team of pickers and packers
    • Customisation and Personalisation services
    • 99.9% accuracy in picking and packing
  • Shipping and Logistics

    • Pan-India Courier and Transport Network
    • Hyperlocal Delivery in 2 hours to 24 hours
    • B2B Logistics
  • Returns

    • Complete control over Non-deliveries and Returns
    • Recirculate RTO and returns in the shortest time

Dark Store Operations

Enable Instant Delivery
Everywhere You Sell

Use our dark store network and delight your customers with super-fast deliveries and an unparalleled post-purchase experience that translates to increased sales and customer loyalty. Offer 30 min delivery to your customers using our minimal footprint and high-throughput solutions for picking, packing and dispatch.

Minimal Picking Time
Expedited Order Delivery
Lower Operating Costs
Increased Efficiency

B2B Logistics

Tailor-made B2B Distribution

Implement the distribution strategy most suitable for your business. Hassle-free movement of goods from your suppliers to distributors and distributors to retailers.

Reduced Pickup and Delivery Costs
Flexible Pickups
Precise Manifestation

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